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Table 2 Cytotoxicity of IL-4(38-37)-PE38KDEL in AIDS-KS cells by protein synthesis inhibition assay

From: Interleukin-4 Receptor Expression on AIDS-Associated Kaposi’s Sarcoma Cells and Their Targeting by a Chimeric Protein Comprised of Circularly Permuted Interleukin-4 and Pseudomonas Exotoxin

Cell type

IC50 (ng/ml) Mean ± S.D.a




1.7 ± 0.5


6.2 ± 3.5




42.5 ± 17.5


64.5 ± 6.0

Normal endothelial cells HUAEC


  1. For cytotoxic assay, 104 cells/well were cultured in 96-well microtiter plates with different concentrations (0.1 to 1000 ng/ml) of IL-4(38-37)-pe38kdel, as detailed in Materials and Methods.
  2. aIC50, the concentration of IL-4 toxin at which 50% inhibition of protein synthesis occurred, was calculated from the graphs generated from the experimental data explained in Materials and Methods. The data are shown as the mean ± S.D. of two to five experiments done for each cell type.
  3. bIC50 was determined from a single experiment.
  4. cIC50 could not be achieved even at 1000 ng/ml concentration of IL-4 toxin.