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Fig. 4

From: Compounds That Target Novel Cellular Components Involved in HIV-1 Transcription

Fig. 4

NF-kB activation and function after TNF α treatment of OM-10.1 cells in the presence of benzothiophene derivatives

(a) Nuclear extracts from 30-min TNFα-treated OM-10.1 cultures were interacted with a labeled NF-κB-specific probe either alone (—) or in combination with an 24-fold excess of unlabeled specific (κB) and nonspecific (oct) competitor probes. The bound products of these reactions were identified by electrophoresis and autoradiography. TNFα-induced, NF-κB-specific binding activity is marked by the arrow, (b) Cytoplasmic extracts from OM-10.1 cultures before (T-0) and at various times (30 min and 2 hr) after TNFα treatment were tested by immunoblot analysis for I-κB. A corresponding medium culture (not TNFα treated) was harvested at each time point. The band shown migrated to 37 kD, characteristic of I-κB.

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