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Fig. 7

From: PLC-γ1 Signaling Pathway and Villin Activation Are Involved In Actin Cytoskeleton Reorganization Induced by Na+/Pi Cotransport Up-regulation

Fig. 7

Association of increased amount of tyrosine-phosphorylated villin with PLC-γ1 during Na+/Pi cotransport up-regulation.

PLC-γ1 was immunoprecipitated from the TritonX-100-soluble and insoluble fractions of control (−) and Na+/Pi cotransport up-regulated cells (+). Nitrocellulose membrane was probed with monoclonal antibodies against phosphotyrosine (A) and villin (B). Villin was immunoprecipitated, under the same experimental conditions, and the nitocellulose membrane was probed with monoclonal antibody against villin (C) (representative of a total of 8 experiments). PLC-γ1, phospholipase Cγ1; P-Tyr, phosphotyrosine.

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