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Table 1 Effects of leukotriene E 4 on number of histamine H 1 receptors in human peripheral blood monocytes

From: Cysteinyl Leukotrienes Mediate Histamine Hypersensitivity Ex Vivo by Increasing Histamine Receptor Numbers

Volunteer Receptors/cell before stimulation Receptors/cell after stimulation K d (nM)
A 54207 105403 6
B 45173 90345 6
C 22586 48184 5.5
D 12046 57219 6.7
E 2259 9787 3
  1. Blood was isolated from five healthy volunteers (A–E) and monocytes were prepared. These cells were stimulated with leukotriene E4 (100 ng/ml) for 15 min. Scatchard analysis was performed to determine number of receptors per cell as described in Materials and Methods.