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Molecular Medicine: The Future of Biomedical Science and Clinical Practice

The last several decades have seen great advances in the biomedical sciences with the burgeoning and integration of fields such as molecular and structural biology, biochemistry and immunology. They have provided both a new perspective and powerful new tools which are permeating medical research. We have now reached the point where “molecular medicine” can be defined as a discipline concerned with understanding the pathogenesis of disease at the molecular level, and, based on that knowledge, the designing of specific molecular tools for diagnosis, treatment and prevention. Furthermore, this new field, which integrates the tools and concepts of science at the molecular level, has provided a common language and understanding among clinical groups as diverse as virologists and oncologists, dermatologists and neurologists.

The time is ripe, therefore, for the introduction of a journal wholly devoted to molecular medicine. Since this is a new field which has captured the imagination of many of the best biomedical and clinical scientists, from those at the beginnings of their careers to established investigators at their peak, this journal aims to be the forum for the best work at all levels. Our remarkable board of contributing editors is fully supportive of our plan to scale the heights of modern biomedical science, not only by contributing their own papers, but by facilitating the publication of superb science by others who want to join in this grand endeavor.

Working together, the editors and publishers will do everything possible to ensure the most rapid publication of the best work with the least amount of pain. In order to maintain the rigor of peer review, while keeping the process down to two weeks, the editors will only accept papers of the highest quality that require minimal changes. Including editing and printing time, most papers will appear in approximately three months from the time of submission. This will be facilitated by the requirement that manuscripts must be accompanied by floppy discs using any standard word processing program. Communication between all parties will be expedited by fax and e mail, with rapid development of a fully electronic system.

As can be seen by the broad range of interests of the contributing editors and of the papers in this premier issue of Molecular Medicine, the journal aims to cover all of clinical medicine at the molecular level. While the publication of original articles is our most important goal, we will be developing the journal as a forum for the field, including editorials, reviews, databases and news items. As we move forward, we hope that you will seize the opportunity to suggest to us innovative ways of improving the publication process and other aspects of the quality of the journal.

We ask you to join us in the belief that Molecular Medicine wil be the vanguard of a new millenium, in which science will truly complement the art of medicine.


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