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Fig. 1

From: Pentoxifylline and Other Protein Kinase C Inhibitors Down-Regulate HIV-LTR NF-κB Induced Gene Expression

Fig. 1

PKC- and PKA-catalyzed activation of NF-κB with fractionated cytoplasmic proteins of Jurkat cells

The details of the growth of Jurkat cells, isolation, and fractionation of cytoplasm, PKC and PKA reaction conditions, and EMSA are described in Materials and Methods. Two micrograms of ammonium sulfate-precipitated cytoplasmic proteins in the absence (0 in (A) and C in (B)) or presence of indicated amounts of purified PKC (A) or PKA (B) were used in each reaction. The upper arrows show the interaction of the active NF-κB and the lower arrows show the free 32P-labeled oligonucleotide probe (described in Materials and Methods).

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