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Fig. 5

From: Circulating Fibrocytes Define a New Leukocyte Subpopulation That Mediates Tissue Repair

Fig. 5

DNA amplification analysis of wound chamber fibrocytes isolated from male→female bone marrow chimeric mice

One thousand leukocyte equivalents of whole blood (lane f) or wound chamber cells (lanes g–k) were obtained from female mice reconstituted 6 weeks previously with male bone marrow cells. For quantitative purposes (lanes a–e), genomic DNA was first prepared from defined numbers of peripheral blood leukocytes and amplified with primers specific for the Y chromosome SRY gene, or the β-actin gene as shown. Whole blood (104 leukocyte equivalents) from a representative bone marrow recipient (male→female) was amplified in lane f. Lane g shows amplification products obtained from the DNA of 104 total wound chamber cells before sorting. Lanes h–k show amplification products obtained after sorting wound chamber cells into CD34/Collagen I (lanes h and j) and CD34+/Collagen I+ populations (lanes i and k) (104 cells per analysis). “Day 7” and “Day 10” refer to cells recovered at 7 or 10 days postwound chamber implantation. Results shown are representative of duplicate determinations performed in each of four mice.

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