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Fig. 2

From: Analysis of menstrual effluent: diagnostic potential for endometriosis

Fig. 2

Cultured ME-derived SFCs express CD73, CD90, CD105, and CD140b but not CD45 or CD326. Flow cytometry gating of cultured ME-derived SFCs to show CD45-/CD326- population (upper panel). The CD45- population of ME derived SFCs from endometriosis (n = 7) and control (n = 7) subjects at passage 1 were further analyzed by flow cytometry for CD90, CD73, CD140b, and CD105 expression (lower panel). CD105 expression is lower on endometriosis-SFCs when compared to control subject-SFCs (lower right panel). Data are shown as geometric mean fluorescence intensity (gMFI), for each subject’s SFC culture and the horizontal lines are the group means, *p = 0.03

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