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Table 3 Combined results of gene set enrichment analysis from MAGENTA, PASCAL and DEPICT. Pathways are pooled from several repositories which are enlisted with data base. P values from PASCAL, DEPICT and MAGENTA are corrected for multiple testing

From: Enrichment of B cell receptor signaling and epidermal growth factor receptor pathways in monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance: a genome-wide genetic interaction study

Data base Pathway P value P value P value *Combined P value
KEGG Allograft rejection 0.083 0.001 0.005 5.62E-04
KEGG Autoimmune thyroid disease 0.043 0.001 0.022 9.30E-04
KEGG Glycosaminoglycan biosynthesis keratan sulfate 0.008 0.171 0.036 9.89E-03
REACTOME Platelet aggregation plug formation 0.044 0.952 0.005 2.28E-02
REACTOME EGFR downregulation 0.776 0.951 0.003 2.45E-02
REACTOME Integrin cell surface interactions 0.16 0.396 0.011 4.51E-02
KEGG Dorso ventral axis formation 0.151 0.233 0.022 4.78E-02
REACTOME P130CAS linkage to MAPK signaling for integrins 0.035 0.988 0.032 4.85E-02
  1. *Pooled p values are combined using empirical Brown’s method assuming dependency across test hypotheses