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Table 2 Baseline cytokine levels in RDN-patients and DC

From: The cholinergic anti-inflammatory pathway in resistant hypertension treated with renal denervation

 RDN (n = 10)DC (n = 4)p-value
P-TNF pg/mL16.8 (8.0–31.1)43.05 (28.84–47.54)0.009
P-IL-1b pg/mL1.4 (0.8–8.9)8.08 (7.01–11.17)0.03
P-IL-10 pg/mL2.6 (1.6–13.2)3.62 (1.95–4.47)n.s.
  1. Data are presented as median and (10–90 percentiles. P-TNF (reference 0.0–8.1 pg/mL), P- IL-1b (reference < 5 pg/mL), P-IL-10 (reference 0.0–9.1 pg/mL). According to the manufacturer these limits are considered as guidelines