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Table 4 Candidate CNVs with clinical relevance to SGA identified in study placentas

From: Genomic imbalances in the placenta are associated with poor fetal growth

Case ID Sex Study group Genomic coordinates (hg19) Size (kb) CNV type Genes Category CPM
7665 Female SGA 2:121,092,278–121,914,455 822 Gain INHBB, GLI2 VUS-likely pathogenic No
6234 Female SGA 16:67,150,183–67,615,830 466 Loss HSD11B2, CTCF, 21 others VUS-likely pathogenic No
10506 Female SGA 8:112,947,262–116,124,691 3177 Loss CSMD3 VUS-likely pathogenic No
  1. CPM confined placental mosaicism, VUS variant of uncertain significance