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Table 7 The haplotype frequencies of CASC16 polymorphisms and their associations with breast cancer risk

From: The association of CASC16 variants with breast Cancer risk in a northwest Chinese female population

SNPHaplotypeFrequencyWithout adjustedWith adjusted
CaseControlOR (95% CI)pOR (95% CI)p
rs45544231|rs12922061|rs3112612CCG0.800.810.98 (0.81–1.18)0.8270.98 (0.81–1.18)0.831
rs45544231|rs12922061|rs3112612GTA0.720.750.82 (0.69–0.98)0.0250.82 (0.69–0.98)0.025
rs45544231|rs12922061|rs3112612GCA0.520.560.85 (0.73–0.99)0.0390.85 (0.73–0.99)0.039
  1. p value calculated by Wald test with and without adjusted by age
  2. Highlighted in bold indicates the significant association between SNPs and breast cancer risk