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Table 2 Interactions between bacterial metabolites and drugs relevant in ovarian cancer chemotherapy

From: The role of the microbiome in ovarian cancer: mechanistic insights into oncobiosis and to bacterial metabolite signaling

Drug Metabolite Effect Ref.
Cisplatin Spermine, spermidine induce cisplatin resistance Marverti et al. 2005; Marverti et al. 2004; Marverti et al. 2001; Marverti et al. 1997; Hector et al. 2004; Desiderio et al. 1997
Butyrate and valproic acid Mrkvicova et al. 2019; Wasserman et al. 1989; Sajadpoor et al. 2018
Paclitaxel LPS TLR4 activation induces paclitaxel chemoresistance Kelly et al. 2006; Edwardson et al. 2017; Huang et al. 2014; Szajnik et al. 2009
Doxorubicin/Adriamycin Taurochenodeoxycholate sensitizes resistant cells Schuldes et al. 2001
Butyrate and valproic acid Wasserman et al. 1989
Spermine induces Doxorubicin resistance Schuldes et al. 2001
Niraparib Butyrate and valproic acid sensitizes resistant cells Booth et al. 2018
Topoisomerase II inhibitors (TopoIIi) Spermine, spermidine sensitizes cells to TopoIIi Desiderio et al. 1997
Mitomycin Taurochenodeoxycholate sensitizes Schuldes et al. 2001
  1. TopoIIi -Topoisomerase II inhibitor