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Table 13 Major genes targeted by miR-375-3p in various types of cancer

From: MALAT1-miRNAs network regulate thymidylate synthase and affect 5FU-based chemotherapy

Cancers Targeted gene products References
Cancers with down-regulation of miR-375-3p
  Acting as oncogenes or tumor promoters
CRC TYMS, CBX3, FOXM1, Xu et al. (2020b); Liu et al. (2020a); Chen et al. (2020b);
  FZD8, PIK3CA, YAP1 Xu et al. (2016a); Wang et al. (2014b Xu et al. (2019a
ESCC MTDH Hu et al. (2017b)
GC PDPK1, TEAD4, YAP1, Chen et al. (2017d); Kang et al. (2018)
  YBX1, YWHAZ Huang et al. (2019b); Liu et al. (2019b)
OSCC SLC7A11 Wu et al. (2017)
NSCLC SPIN1 Jin et al. (2021)
HCC ERBB2, HMGA2, JAK2 Li et al. (2018b); Xu et al. (2021); Li et al. (2021b)
HCC MTDH, PDGFC, YAP1 He et al. (2012); Li et al. (2021c); Liu et al. (2010)
HCC CSCs YAP1 Zhao et al. (2020a)
PDAC PDPK1, ZFP36L2 Zhou et al. (2014b); Song et al. (2013a); Yonemori et al. (2017)
OVCA YAP1 Shu et al. (2021)
  Acting both as oncogenes and tumor suppressors, or unclassified
CRC KLF4, SP1 Mao et al. (2016); Xu et al. (2019a)
GC CCN2 Kang et al. (2018)
ESCC HMGB1, IGF1R, SESN3, Cheng et al. (2020b); Kong et al. (2012); Li et al. (2021a)
  SP1 Xu et al. (2019b)
LSCC HNF1B, IGF1R Chang et al. (2020); Luo et al. (2014)
OSCC KLF5, IGF1R, PAX6 Shi et al. (2015); Zhang et al. (2017); Tong et al. (2021)
CeCa SP1 Wang et al. (2011)
Cancers with up-regulation of miR-375-3p
  Acting as tumor suppressors
BRCA FOXO1 Guan et al. (2021)
CeCa CDH1 Shen et al. (2014)
  Acting both as oncogenes and tumor suppressors, or unclassified
PDAC HOXB3 Yang et al. (2016)
  1. mRNAs encoding the following proteins: CBX3 codes for protein involved in transcriptional silencing (upregulated in cancers); CCN2 codes for connective tissue growth factor; CDH1 is a tumor suppressor gene encoding E-cadherin; ERBB2 codes for HER-2 Receptor Tyrosine Kinase; FOXO1 is a tumor suppressor gene; FZD8 encodes Frizzled Class Receptor 8 which is a receptor for Wnt proteins (Sun et al. (2021); HMGA2 encodes HMG AT-Hook Protein 2, which functions in the regulation of the cell cycle; HMGB1 encodes HMG Box 1, which has both oncogenic and tumor suppression functions; HNF1B encodes Hepatocyte Nuclear Factor 1-β and functions as a tumor suppressor gene or oncogene (Chandra et al. (2021); HOXB3 encodes transcription factor Homeobox B3 (Li et al. (2019b); JAK2 encodes Janus Kinase 2 phosphorylating a tyrosine residue; KLF4 is a tumor suppressor gene encoding Kruppel Like Factor 4, but may also act as an oncogene depending on the cellular context; KLF5 encodes Kruppel Like Factor 5 and acts as an oncogene or tumor suppressor gene depending on the cellular context; PAX6 is a tumor suppressor gene encoding transcription factor Paired Box 6; PDGFC codes for Platelet Derived Growth Factor C (promotes angiogenesis); PDPK1 encodes 3-Phosphoinositide-Dependent Protein Kinase-1 (Domrachev et al. (2021); PIK3CA is an oncogene encoding PI3K, subunit p110α; SESN3 encodes sestrin3, stress-induced protein; SP1 encodes Sp1 Transcription Factor that regulates oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes; SPIN1 encodes Spindlin 1 and is considered an oncogene (Janecki et al. (2018); TEAD4 is an oncogene encoding TEA Domain Transcription Factor 4 (Hippo pathway); YBX1 is an oncogene encoding Y-Box Binding Protein 1; YAP1 is an oncogene encoding Yes1 Associated Transcriptional Regulator (Hippo pathway); ZFP36L2 is an oncogene encoding ZFP36 Ring Finger Protein Like 2; YWHAZ is functioning as an oncogene and codes for an adapter protein belonging to the 14-3-3 family