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Table 2 Effect of gene deletion in acute lung injury.

From: Contribution of Neutrophils to Acute Lung Injury

Target molecule Animal model Effect Ref.
TNF−/−; TNF R1/R2−/− Ischemia/reperfusion-induced ALI Not protective (96)
IL-1β+/+ Adenoviral gene transfer to transiently overexpress IL-1β in rat lungs after intratracheal administration induces acute lung injury induce ALI (214)
Chemokines and their receptors    
CXCR2−/− LPS inhalation Protective (82)
CXCR2−/− Ischemia reperfusion Protective (81)
CXCR2−/− Ventilator-induced ALI in CXCR2−/− mouse Protective (81)
IL-1β (Caspase Bleomycin-induced lung injury Protective (97)
IL-18−/− Bleomycin-induced lung injury Protective (97)
CCR1−/− Pancreatitis-associated lung Injury Protective (215)
CXCL5−/− (ENA-78) Intratracheal application of E. coli Protective (86)
DARC−/− LPS inhalation Not protective (87)
Cell adhesion molecules    
P-selectin−/− Cobra venom factor (CVF)-induced ALI Not protective (46)
ICAM-1−/− CVF-induced ALI; Not protective (46)
Granule proteins    
Neutrophil elastase−/− Intraperitoneal infection with Gram-negative bacteria (Klebsiella pneumoniae and E. coli) Not protective; increased mortality (117)
Neutrophil elastase−/− Intratracheal application of LPS Not protective, similar recruitment (216)
Neutrophil elastase−/− and Cathepsin G−/− Endotoxic shock with LPS Decreased mortality and lung injury in comparison to wild type mice (217)
MMP 8−/− Intratracheal application of LPS Not protective, increased ALI (153)
MMP 8−/− Ventilator-induced ALI (VILI) Protective (152)
MMP 9−/− Ozone-induced ALI Not protective, increased ALI (150)
MMP 9−/− Ventilator-induced ALI (VILI) Not protective, increased ALI (151)
α-Defensins+/+ (transgenic mice) Using mice transgenic for polymorphonuclear leukocyte expression of α-defensins; acid aspiration-induced ALI   
Radical release    
NADPH oxidase−/− Complement-induced ALI not protected (205)
NADPH oxidase 1−/−NADPH oxidase 2−/− Hyperoxia-induced ALI NADPH protective NADPH 2−/− Not protective (204)
Nitric oxide synthase−/− LPS-induced ALI Protective (207)